Connect your Wearables

You can add services like Fitbit, Garmin, Strava… (the list goes on!) to Wanngi to keep track of all your fitness data in one place.

Doctor & Hospital Visits

Connect to your My Health Record or add your own. View your summaries or upload them to keep the details together.


Never forget the details again. List allergies and reactions for you and your family to keep on top of all the details for everyone.

Pathology Tests

View the results from your lab tests.


Record scripts and their due dates. See dosage information so you don’t forget what the doctor ordered.

Diagnostic Imaging

X-Rays and other imaging reports in one easy to access place.

Symptom Management

Keep a timeline of symptoms to learn what makes your health tick and spot health issues faster.


Know that you are up to date with all your immunisations, perfect for keeping a record when travelling.

Not Just for You

Care for someone? You can keep their health notes and documents safely together for when you need them most. Perfect for busy families!