Wanngi Health Management App

Getting started with Wanngi has never been easier.

All it takes is 5 easy steps and you’ll be well on your way to starting a better health management journey with Wanngi;

Step 1 Involves signing into your Wanngi account and beginning to collect your health history. You might think that this is more like 2 steps but signing in should only take the press of a button for you. So we’re only calling that one a half step ;).

Step 2 Is the act of tracking your symptoms and injuries when you feel them. You can do this by using Wanngi’s symptoms tab. All it takes is the press of a button and you’ll be able to input exactly how you feel. You’ll be able to rate the pain using whichever scale you feel most comfortable with. This will help you in step 5 but before that we have….

Step 3 Step 3 is to set reminders for your medications and/or doctors appointments. Setting reminders for your medications is easy. Simply go to the personal health section of the app, tap medication and press the + symbol to add a reminder. You can do this for as many medications as you need and it will continue to notify you well into the future. You can also disable these notifications with the push of a button if need be. This can help save you peace of mind and the hassle of having to remember day to day.

Step 4 is to check your daily Health Forecast, this is where you’ll find the reminders that you set for yourself. Health Forecast also sends you a daily notification about local weather conditions. All you’ll need to do is enable your “location” on your phone. This will give you up to date information about what to expect, both weather wise and atmospherically. These notifications will show up on your phone in the morning to help you in planning your day.

Step 5 is to export your personal health history. This can be done easily at any time by accessing the record export from the menu. You can do this when you need to quickly and efficiently provide accurate information to health professionals such as your family doctor.

By following these easy steps Wanngi is enabling people worldwide the chance to better manage their health. Sign up today by following this link or come find us at Facebook and Instagram to learn more. Alternatively check out our FAQ page or contact us at support.wanngi.com

How to use Wanngi

To help you get started on your health journey with Wanngi, we’ve created a few videos to walk you through the app.

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