Wanngi empowers people with their own health information
This new web app helps you:

  • keep track of your immunisations and allergies;
  • provide medication script reminders;
  • provide a history of your doctor and hospital visits;
  • show you your latest test results;
  • provide health and medical insights; and
  • help you reach your fitness goals, by connecting your favourite fitness and wellness apps

All of this in the one location.
Wanngi is a completely mobile-friendly website.. When you open this website from the URL or QR Code you will be able to immediately start using it on any device. There is no need to download the app.


Wanngi has developed a mobile web app for consumers which connects to the Australian Digital health record, and combines this with their personal health, wellness and fitness information. This empowers consumers to make health decisions or provide this information to their doctor, so they can be treated accordingly.

2018 is a pivotal time for all Australians to become involved with managing their own health information. The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) announced recently that by the end of 2018, a My Health Record will be created for 25 million Australians, unless they choose not to have one. Those opting in will want mobile access to these records. The Wanngi app will make that possible.

We provide our customers with the ability to make their health experience their own. This is largely achieved by making meaningful connections between Wanngi and the applications that they may already be familiar with through APIs. But also by providing further value by exposing them to and connecting them with features from applications they may not have previously used.

Wanngi empowers users to live healthier lives. Wanngi’s focus on incorporating the consumer’s health and wellness data into an aggregation application, or single location, has the potential to capture a large portion of the 25 million Australians who will be looking to access this information on mobile by the end of 2018.

What About Privacy?

Wanngi’s app only enables you to view your data. It cannot be altered via the app. You control the level of privacy you’re comfortable with and who can access that data.


Maree Beare is founder and CEO of Wanngi,
Maree is passionate about using innovation and technology to positively impact the lives of others. She is renowned as a forward-thinking leader in the technology sector, with extensive experience advising many of Australia’s leading organisations in transforming their businesses and delivering high-profile technology programs

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