Having trouble with your medications is more common than you think.

With nearly 4 in 10 people estimated to have 2 or more chronic diseases many people are having to resort to taking a multitude of medications to help with their conditions. In fact it looks almost certain that the amount of pills we all take will go up. Be it taking vitamins due to a deficiency, or maybe you’re on a short course of antibiotics to clear up an infection, even those without chronic conditions are looking down the barrel of more medication than ever before.  We’ve all felt this struggle before but how do we combat the pain of remembering what to take and when? Do we go out and buy little plastic pill boxes? Do we invest in a wall sized calendar? Leave post it notes scattered around the house? For those with chronic conditions this issue can be a pain in the neck (no pun intended). 

But is there a solution?

Managing chronic pain in addition to scheduling a busy life can be tedious. Often those with chronic conditions wait years before seeing improvements and some may never improve unfortunately. Knowing that it is often rare for people to part ways with their mobile phone Wanngi chooses to offer a quick and easy to use solution. As part of the new Health Forecast you can tell the app to set up a notification schedule for your medications. This system will send you push notifications when it is time to take your medication, along with telling you how many and what type. The app does this in addition to letting you know important daily factors such as UV levels and air quality readings. This allows you to focus more on yourself, doing the things you love and enjoying your life to the fullest.

Medicine pills

Signing up to Wanngi

Wanngi’s premier Healthcare Management app allows you to plan your days around your needs. It can help you to better manage your treatment by giving you a daily breakdown of the most important things you need. With the new Health Forecast, you’ll be able to easily tap into a great tool to assist you in planning your day. Signing up is easy, simply click here or follow any of the links on this page to learn more about Wanngi and its mission.