Giving Athletes The Power To Control Their Own Health Information

Wanngi gives athletes access to contribute to their health data in one place, no matter where they are. Integrate your Fitbit, Strava or Garmin device and optimise your performance.

Take control of your health.

Wanngi App Screenshots with Symptoms Management, Activity Tracker and Goals Screen

Athletes need to understand, contribute and communicate their health and fitness information - from injuries to allergies - to their coaches, team doctors and assistants and assistants.

Wanngi makes that easy.

How it works.

Track injuries.

Manage and keep track of your injuries like knee pain and their symptoms. With Wanngi, you’ll never have a small injury turn into a big one.

Connect your fitness wearables & measure your results.

Wanngi seamlessly integrates with your favourite wearables, so you can view and track all your fitness data in one place. Take this data and achieve your fitness dreams with Wanngi’s goals feature.

As secure as it gets.

We are perfectionists with our security. Consider the industry standard our starting point. Our high-level encryption means your data is as safe as possible. HIPAA-compliant protected health information storage. Not only that, we go above and beyond the Australian Federal Government’s security guidelines.

Track symptoms and personal health management

All your health information, in one place.

Securely store and save medical and clinical documents – from hospital discharge summaries to doctor referrals. Visited a hospital in the USA? No stress – you can upload CDA documents from that as easy as 1,2,3.

Keep your data with you, always.

Take your health information with you when you change coaches, sports, teams or countires. No matter what you’re doing, or where you are, your health information will be with you.

Access your health data globally

Wanngi is a web app – which means it runs from your internet browser on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, wherever you are in the world. 

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Are you an athlete struggling with injuries?

Whether you’re an athlete, a sports enthusiast or just an everyday person, you most likely have suffered at least one injury in your lifetime that took time to heal. Many athletes along with those who enjoy casual sport and exercising regularly, will know that every kind of physical activity can result in sore muscles every now and then. But certain kinds of pain are never a good sign. For example, if you are suffering or have suffered with knee pain, there are steps you can take to recover, and people who can help you to get there.

Why athletes love us.

"I've always struggled with remembering when old injuries flare up. Not knowing where my body is at has cost me a few matches. Wanngi allows me to stay on top of my injuries and track their developments - and it's prevented small injuries turning into major ones. I sent my physio the symptoms & injuries timeline and he was able to update my treatment plan."
Sam Morris
"I've played for many different teams over my career, and each one has kept my health and fitness data themselves. It's frustrating knowing that everytime I move, my new coaches and support staff have to start from scratch. Wanngi means I can tell them exactly what they need to know - and we can continue to optimise my performance"
Sarah Lee
Netball Player
"I use three different fitness wearables (each for a different part of my training) and it's always a hassle juggling three different apps, and trying to keep track of what my goals are. Thankfully, Wanngi gives me the ability to view all my fitness data in one app and view my health trends over time - a godsend for a busy person like me."
Alex Smith
Mountain Biker

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