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5 important things about your pain

5 Important Things To Know About Your Pain Recently we interviewed consumer health advocate, Linda Beaver. Linda's experience in the health sector is extensive and varies from clinical practice to education and management.  But…
Find the RIGHT Doctor
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Is being picky about your doctor okay?

With so many health professionals to choose from, it’s worth thinking about which is best for you. Knowing which questions to ask, and how to search for the right professional, can help you make the right decision.
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The Mental Health impact of COVID-19

The Mental Health impact of COVID-19 With the coronavirus shining a light on current health issues it seems like everyone is concerned with only one aspect; the physical. Social distancing, lock downs, masks all physical containment…
Kylene profile
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Meet Kylene – A Wanngi Success Story

Meet Kylene, by choosing Wanngi Kylene has been able cut down the time she spends managing her health and has been able to spend more time doing the things she loves.
Health Destiny

How to change your health destiny during COVID19

How to manage your health during COVID19 Greater than 50% of the population have chronic illness.  Many of which are treatable and manageable.  However, without access to their own health data, people feel they are not able to self-monitor…
medical records

How to keep track of your medical records

How to keep track of your medical records Our health data is everywhere and yet most of the time we aren’t given access to it. However, keeping track of your medical records can help you be in more control of you're health…

Living through Lockdown

Living through Lockdown Living through Lock down, Surviving in solitary. Sometimes they can feel the same. Over the course of this lock down it's been a challenge for many people to maintain their health, both mental and physical.…
Wanngi Health Management App

5 Simple steps is all it takes

Getting started with Wanngi has never been easier. All it takes is 5 easy steps and you'll be well on your way to starting a better health management journey with Wanngi;Step 1 Involves signing into your Wanngi account and…

Are medications giving you more of a headache than relief?

Having trouble with your medications is more common than you think. With nearly 4 in 10 people estimated to have 2 or more chronic diseases many people are having to resort to taking a multitude of medications to help with…