How and Why Does Misdiagnosis Happen?

How to Prevent and Manage Misdiagnosis Misdiagnosis is the lack of correct diagnosis regarding the illness and concerns of a patient. A misdiagnosis usually leads to no treatment, or incorrect treatment, resulting in a serious impact on a person’s…
Doctor stethascope

All About Diabetes: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Management.

Although diabetes has no cure, you can take steps to manage your diabetes and stay healthy.

Discussion with a Paramedic: Why digital health is the future of health care

Brisbane Paramedic, Rob, has seen a lot in his 8+ years on the job, but one thing he’s still waiting to see, is digital health be fully embraced by people and medical professionals. Despite our rapid technology growth, the health industry…

No Referral, No Medicare Rebate

If a referral is lost, destroyed or stolen you are no longer eligible for the Medicare rebate.

Travel Tips For The Perfect Holiday

Getting ready to embark on an adventure? We've got the perfect travel tips for Europe, Bali, Fiji, or any other destination your ready to conquer.

Track your fitness with Wanngi Activities – no wearables needed

Have you been waiting for the right moment to start your fitness journey - but haven’t got the gear? The good news is, you don’t have to wait any longer. With the recent release of Wanngi Activities, all you need is your device and an email…

Taking selfies for your health – how it’s empowering consumers

In today’s digital age, technology plays a key role in many aspects of our lives. Did you realise that we can utilise our devices to help us contribute to our own health and wellness journey? We can now use our devices to track our health…

How do Consumers use Digital Health

How do Consumers use Digital Health? Now is a pivotal time for Digital Health Globally. The introduction of the Personal and government Health Records and the myriad of wearables and other personal health data give consumers the perfect…

Where’s my health data?

Where's my health data? You might be shocked to realise that many organisations have easy access to your health information - but you don’t get that same access, nor can you check if it is correct.Are we okay with not knowing…

Managing and treating knee pain – in your own home

Do you suffer from knee pain? If you want to understand your pain better, learn what has caused it and what you can expect when visiting the doctor, read our previous article to find out more. However, if you are unsure of the cause, or whether…