Boost your immunity with Wanngi’s Personal Health services

With Australia currently facing a rise in both measles and flu cases, doctors are strongly encouraging their communities to get the updated vaccinations. As the experts have said to ABC News, “community immunity helps protect everyone.” The flu vaccine is now available from many doctors’ offices and pharmacies around the country. Some Australians are even eligible for the free vaccine.

Health professionals are also calling for the community to ensure they receive their measles vaccines. The Guardian has stated that some travellers are unaware they may no longer hold immunity to measles, and upon returning from overseas with the disease, they are passing it on.

If you are unsure what vaccines you have had and what you need to update, Wanngi can help you track your immunisations and remind you to get the vaccines you need at the right time.

How can you use Wanngi to track your immunisations?

Wanngi’s Immunisations icon.

When you enter Personal Health Experiences, you’ll see the Immunisations Feature ready to use (see right).

When you open Immunisations, the first thing you’ll see will be your history of vaccines. Displayed will be the date you received them and what they protect you against. You can visit your doctor to receive your history of previous vaccines if you wish to add them.

You can add new immunisations at any time. Not only can you record the name of the vaccine and what it protects you against, but also the date and time you received it. There is also an option to upload a document with each vaccine you record. This enables you to keep the official documentation in Wanngi as well. You can also update immunisations you have previously added. This is perfect for when you are getting a new season flu shot or the second round of one type of vaccine.

Finally, set reminders for upcoming or future immunisations you will need. If you have received the first flu shot of the season and need another, set a reminder in Wanngi for the second vaccination. If you have already made an appointment, the reminder can be for the date you are booked in. Otherwise, it can simply let you know when it’s time to make that follow-up appointment.

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