Can I connect my GP to Wanngi?

Wanngi is focussed on connecting you to your health. We don’t provide any of your data to your GP. However, you are welcome to show them what you have gathered on Wanngi. It is your health data and you can provide that to the people you trust.

Your health data in your hands

Wanngi is a platform for you to connect all your health and wellness services in one place. We want you to have easy access to everything you need to make the most of your health data.

With your health data in your hands you can make the right health choices for you. You might like to show your GP a record of your exercise habits or recognise some of your health rituals for yourself. With your health and wellness data in one place you will find yourself smashing your health goals in no time.

Details when you need them

When was the last time you remembered every detail of your routine when your doctor asked about it? You only have a short time to provide information and get an assessment of your health. Having everything in one place can help.

With everything in one place, you can trigger your memory on the important things you want to talk about. You can even show your doctor the long-term record you have gathered, making it even easier for them to get a picture of your health and routine. It will also help you avoid leaving gaps when you repeat your story with every new practitioner you see.

The Wanngi app wants to connect you to your health by putting your health data in your hands. Use Wanngi to the most out of your health data.

This post is in response to your feedback on the Health App Poll we ran in October 2018. We love to hear your stories and feedback on digital health! Got something to say? Send it to hello@wanngi.com.