Can I download Wanngi from an AppStore?

The best part about Wanngi being a web app is that it can be used on any device including laptops without the need to go via an app store! Wanngi is a web app, which is a website that is optimised for mobile. When you add it to your home screen it will behave in an almost identically to all your other apps.

With you Whenever on Whatever

It’s your health data, so you should be able to access it in your own way. With Wanngi, you can bring your own device and enjoy a seamless experience whenever and wherever you like. It doesn’t matter what you use, you can easily log in and see all your information across devices. You get to use the device you are most comfortable with, and we get to provide you with the best service.

Wanngi is ideal for people with low bandwidth, storage or issues with network signals. This is useful for people in regional areas and often when travelling in developing countries.

We are passionate about bringing you the best possible experience that is easy to access. This includes accessibility for people who have trouble using mobile phones and prefer using computers. Making Wanngi as a web app is just one of the ways we make it easier than ever for you to connect to your health.

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