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Meet Kylene – A Wanngi Success Story

Meet Kylene, by choosing Wanngi Kylene has been able cut down the time she spends managing her health and has been able to spend more time doing the things she loves.

How to access health records online

How to access health records online Imagine no matter where you are in the world, you will have access to your health records.  This is the mission that Wanngi is working towards. Its a challenge for people to currently access…
smell lots of things

Loss of smell

Loss of Smell Millions of people testing positive for Covid-19 have lost their sense of smell. Have you survived covid-19 and now experience anosmia The reduced sense of smelling medically called olfactory dysfunction…
sharing your health history with your doctor

Personal Health Records Are Changing Everything during COVID19

Personal Health Records Are Changing Everything during COVID19 “In a chaotic healthcare system, the $23.6 billion electronic health records (EHR) industry offers a route towards streamlined patient-doctor interactions.” That’s a…
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5 important things about your pain

5 Important Things To Know About Your Pain Recently we interviewed consumer health advocate, Linda Beaver. Linda's experience in the health sector is extensive and varies from clinical practice to education and management.  But…
Find the RIGHT Doctor
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Is being picky about your doctor okay?

With so many health professionals to choose from, it’s worth thinking about which is best for you. Knowing which questions to ask, and how to search for the right professional, can help you make the right decision.
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The Mental Health impact of COVID-19

The Mental Health impact of COVID-19 With the coronavirus shining a light on current health issues it seems like everyone is concerned with only one aspect; the physical. Social distancing, lock downs, masks all physical containment…
Sophia Bender
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The Woman Behind Endo Girl

The Woman Behind Endo Girl Endometriosis is a chronic and debilitating condition that affects roughly 176 million women worldwide. Although the condition affects one in 10 women, there is no cure for the disease and diagnosis…

Managing multiple chronic conditions when you see multiple doctors

Managing multiple chronic conditions when you see multiple doctors Conflicting Treatments Are a Constant Concern Even my regular doctors don’t remember my history off the top of their heads. How could they possibly?…
Playing Cricket in the smoke
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Is Bushfire smoke bad for your Health?

Poor Air Quality as a Result of Australia's Bushfires Poses a Serious Health Risk Globally Bushfire smoke can travel hundreds of kilometres and it poses a range of health issues.  Whilst the fires have been occurring in Australia, the smoke…
Knee to hospital

Struggling with knee pain and managing multiple doctor appointments to get diagnosed

Knee pain can be caused by several things. Unless it is clear you've hurt your knee whilst playing sport, it may not be obvious what's causing it. The main causes of pain are due to injury, arthritis, inflammation, infection, poor alignment…