Consumers are Required to Bring Medicines to Market

If you would like to be involved in clinical trials visit our new service at CLINIALS. Clinials is set to revolutionise the Clinical Trials process with our cutting-edge patient recruitment and management service to help global pharma and device companies recruit and retain people for clinical trials. In 2021 there are over 365,000 registered clinical studies. As the testers of new drugs and treatments, patients are crucial to medical investigations. CLINIALS carefully targets, pre-screens and selects patients to match exact requirements. We also understand the value of patient input to therapeutics development. Clinials acts to empower and educate consumers using shared decision in Clinical Trial recruitment producing efficiencies in time and costs. Our pre-screening process helps gather all the relevant information needed for Patient On-boarding, Pre-existing Health Conditions, with additional services to collect Allergies, Current Medications and entire Medical History’s.

Clinical trials for people