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Been tested for Covid-19 recently?
Upload all your test results to one secure place.

Have you been vaccinated or plan to get vaccinated?
Track your symptoms in real time and set reminders for upcoming vaccinations with Wanngi.

We now live in a world where a lot things depend on our Covid-19 test results. Due to the frequency and significance of these test results, it is crucial to upload your entire medical history to one secure place especially if you’re travelling or visiting potential hotspots.

Having access to your very own medical library brings the peace of mind we all need during these crazy times and can even have a postive impact on our mental health.

Wanngi is a health management app that acts like your personal health assistant securely storing all your medical information no matter where you go.

Track all your symptoms, manage chronic illness, upload pathology results, Covid19 vaccination and immunisations, set medication reminders and export your entire medical history so your doctors are on the same page as you.

COVID19 Tests

The health history export function makes telehealth sessions far more effective. Instead of banking on your memory (which can be stressful), you can now share factual information with your doctor that can help with a more effective diagnosis.