Why do healthy people need Wanngi?

Good health is an ongoing journey that requires commitment, motivation, awareness, and good data. Wanngi will give you some control back of your your health, helping you to keep track and encourage you to continue to move forward on your health journey.

Good Health is an Ongoing Journey

Good health is like riding a bike up a hill. For some the hill is steeper than for others, but the same goes for everyone, stop peddling and you’ll start to go backwards. Someone who has been regularly exercising and then suddenly stops will find that they start to see loss of progress within only two weeks.

No matter how fit you already are, you need to continue to eat right, sleep right, and exercise regularly to maintain or improve your health. With a busy modern lifestyle, it is very easy to run out of time for even the most basic health tasks.

Using something that can track your progress and keep you accountable to your goals, whether it is to maintain or improve your health, is a great way to keep on that journey.

Set Goals and Stick to Them

Everyone has unique needs and different health histories that make personalised health goals important. But what good is a goal if you don’t stick to it?

Goals need to be reasonable and in line with why you really want to achieve them. Just having a goal of ‘lose weight’ won’t keep you going, ‘I want to improve my health, so I can be around for my kids’ has a much higher chance of motivating you to keep active. So, think carefully about what has got you on this health journey. Then put it into a tangible form that can measure your progress as it happens, an app that can connect you to your health goals is great for that.

Feedback is an Opportunity for Improvement

You’ve set your goals and are motivated, now what? It’s time to keep that momentum going to see some real progress in your health.

You need the right data and feedback to continue to make progress. A health tracker should tell you clearly where you have been doing well, and where you can do better. Less than positive results shouldn’t be a reason to give up, rather as motivation to do better.

Improvement doesn’t have to be big milestones or drastic changes. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, every little bit helps. Just burning an extra few calories or walking a few extra steps every day can add up over time.