“Excess is caused by our ignorance of how much we actually own.” – Marie Kondo

In today’s society we are constantly being sold the idea that more is better. But when we own so much already, our items can get lost in the noise, and we tend to forget what we have. We live in constant mess because we own too much, and the thought of tidying up can be overwhelming.

So where do we start?

It’s hard to find many people around today who haven’t heard of Marie Kondo and her tips to tidying up. With several publications and the recent release of her Netflix series, her approach to decluttering has ignited a worldwide trend to live only with items that “spark joy”. But what are the real long-term benefits of this? How can we live a fulfilling life, without having to fill every space we have?

Marie Kondo may have sparked her own movement for the masses to tidy up, but she is certainly not alone. The modern concept of minimalism has also taken off in a big way in the last few years. It continues to gain exposure with blogs, podcasts and documentaries being released by minimalists to a growing audience. Discovering the impact that living with less can have on their lives, people are also gaining clarity on what is truly important to them.

Tidying up may not seem like a complex recipe to follow. The trick comes when trying to avoid falling back into a world of clutter, mere days after cleaning it all up. As Marie says, “the cause is not lack of skills… rather lack of awareness… to make tidying a regular habit.”

A common misconception is that after tidying our home once, it will remain clean and decluttered from that moment forth. Not only do we need to make a regular habit of tidying and organising our physical space, we also don’t need to fill every space with more stuff.

So what are the true benefits of living with less?

“Visible mess helps distract us from the true source of the disorder.” – Marie Kondo

Put very simply, removing unnecessary clutter from our lives can remove the noise it brings with it. With fewer possessions crowding our physical space, we can focus more on what is truly important.

In this digital age, living with less is now easier than ever before. With the ability to digitalise everything from photos to paperwork, we no longer need physical copies “just in case”. The only items we need are those which add value to our lives. These items of true value may look different to each individual.

There are countless resources with which to arm yourself if you have considered embarking on a journey to live more meaningfully with less. It is most important to remember that everyone’s journey is unique.

By ceasing to fill every spare space with stuff and every silence with noise, you become able to instead fill your life with purpose and value.

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