Be In Control Of Your Privacy with My Health Record

If you have recently had a My Health Record created for you, and are unsure what exactly this means privacy-wise, have no fear!

The Australian Digital Health Agency My Health Record opt out period has concluded and Records have now been created for roughly 90% of Australians. My Health Record comes with strong privacy and security settings to ensure you are in control of your own information. Wanngi will soon provide a view to the My Health Record and in readiness for this we encourage our members to be up to speed with the privacy Settings within MyGov and the My Health Record and an understanding of how Wanngi will enable to to view your health information easily on your phone.

Privacy Settings That Put You In Control

Your privacy is a top priority when it comes to My Health Records. You can manage your privacy settings from the My Health Record MyGov Portal, and YOU get to decide who has access to which records. For every document, prescription, and service you can “manage access”, which lets you control who gets to see your records. It allows you to decide whether to allow general access, restricted access, or to remove the document from view in your records.

Wanngi is the perfect viewing platform for both your My Health Record and your own health and fitness information. As a view-only application, Wanngi does not store, copy or record any of your My Health Record data. You can keep everything in the one place to view anywhere and anytime, safe and secure with Wanngi.

Your Data, How You Want It

From clinical records to advanced care planning and more, everything you want is readily available and easily accessible on My Health Record. You can ask your healthcare providers to upload your past and present health information. However if you prefer, you can request they only upload future information.

You can also set up your own documents for you and your providers to access, such as an advanced care plan.

Check out our recent article on how to start adding your health information.

Having Trouble Navigating the Website?

For now Wanngi has become a helpful tool for people keeping track of all of their medical documents.  Read these users stories if you are seeking help to manage your chronic conditions and track your symptoms.

Soon when we are connected, Wanngi will make navigating My Health Record a breeze. You’ll be able to easily and smoothly access My Health Record on any device with Wanngi. And remember, as Wanngi  will be a view-only portal, you will be accessing your My Health Record directly from the government website.

Welcome aboard,  we’re very excited to be sharing Wanngi with you.