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Health Record Pros and Cons

What are the Pros and Cons of a digital health record

According to experts digital or electronic health records contain significantly fewer errors than paper records. Where paper records are ineffective of tracking people’s health data over time, digital health records and apps like Wanngi are effective at providing a history of a persons health statistics over time.  

Communication between people and their physicians can be greatly improved with the use of health records, particularly when each party has full access to a persons medical history rather than a snapshot-type overview from a current visit. This access allows for a more in-depth evaluation, and enables doctors to reach an accurate diagnosis more quickly.

In addition, communicating information from electronic health records can make it easier for doctors to follow up with people and track continuing care, both under their supervision and that of the patient’s other doctors.

More accurate diagnosis

Doctors can review a persons history, tracked symptoms, consider previous tests undertaken and current medications and provide a more accurate diagnosis based upon a more accurate health journey.

At the very least, electronic health records can save time during a doctor’s office visit. And in case of emergency, these records can provide critical, life-saving information to emergency care providers. For some this is called the golden hour.

People who find themselves in mass casualty situations, such as natural disasters, can benefit greatly from electronic medical records. Healthcare providers can use a persons health history in an emergency situation to get a more accurate picture of a patient’s medical history more quickly than with traditional means.

Catastrophic events are demonstrating that people in these situations are often confused and frightened, making it easy to forget personal medical details. Every second counts during an emergency, so having access to a patient’s medical history, blood type and allergy information, when the patient is unable to communicate can be the difference between life and death. 

For example during the Corona Virus COVID19 Pandemic, if people are hospitalised with critical symptoms, it will be important for the patients health symptoms and history to be known by healthcare workers to treat them more effectively.  According to current research, some older people or those with chronic illnesses such diabetes, cancer, lung disease, Parkinson’s disease, or cardiovascular diseases are at higher risk.

The digital format can make quick access more scalable. If people are in control of their health information, they can personalize monitoring their healthcare in apps like Wanngi and use their information to improve their health diagnosis should they need to communicate to health professionals.