Health documents when you travel

Travel is a great opportunity to get out and see the world. When we plan our next big trip, we look forward to seeing and experiencing wonder, not being stuck in a hospital. Or worse yet, being forced to go home due to a health emergency. Wanngi can connect you to your health, not just while you are at home.

Travel Risks

Young people love to travel, but with travel comes potential health risks. From potential accidents and injury, to coming down with an unusual illness, the risks of travel need to be carefully managed by the traveller. There is plenty of health aspects to think of and to make sure records are up to date.

Preparing to Travel

It is important to have your immunisations up to date, particularly if you plan to travel to foreign country that is of higher risk. The last thing you want is to have your travels cut short by a lengthy and expensive stay in a foreign hospital. Being equipped with your health information can help to provide background information to a new doctor, including if you are up to date with the right vaccinations. But there is more than just illness that might land you in hospital.

Injury While on the Road

In the case of injury, particularly if your travel may have some more daring aspects to it, you may need to seek health care while away from home. In an emergency situation you could have to very quickly and accurately communicate any symptoms, allergies, existing medications, or other health factors. Potential language barrier may make this even harder, so stumbling and guessing isn’t going to do you any favours.



If you travel a lot, there’s a chance that at some point you will forget or run out of your prescription medicine. It may not always be easy to get back in contact with your GP at home to find out what that odd medicine name was that you can never quite pronounce right. Having access to an up-to-date record of your medication on hand with reminder notifications can help you to explain your situation to a new doctor and get the care that you need. Keeping an easy-to-access record of all this information may be critical to get you back on your feet quickly while travelling. Wanngi can connect you to this information and more so you can provide it to a health provider when it is needed most.

More than Just Health History

History is good for emergencies and illness, but what about looking forward? When travelling for a long time health can be put on the backburner. Partying often, sleeping less, and walking and carrying more can add strain to the body. While the travel high helps to keep going, it’s worth keeping in check with your health.

Using a health app to keep track of your health can be really beneficial to make sure that your trip stays on track. Tracking sleep and water intake are just two metrics that when tracked properly, with positive goals in mind, can help stave off fatigue and dehydration.

Bring it together in on handy App

The last thing you need while travelling is to need to carry more paperwork than necessary. Paper records tend to be lost or damaged along the way. Wanngi can connect you with your health history as well as keep track of your health habits all in one place. Equipped with your health data, you can be confident that you are making the right decisions, keep achieving your goals, and you can get the information and reminder notifications you need at the touch of a button.