Healthy Travel Tips

Healthy Travel tips for your perfect holiday!

1: Do your research

research travelWhen travelling to a foreign country, it’s important to do your research and know the potential risks before you go. You may want to ask these questions:

  • What contagious diseases are easily transmitted through mosquitoes, water, or unsanitary conditions?
  • What type of climate will you be in? Will there be a risk of heat stroke or sunburn?
  • Will you be flying into a high elevation creating a risk for altitude sickness?
  • Will hypothermia be a problem if you are traveling to a cold place.
  • Are there poisonous animals to keep an eye out for and if you come into contact with them, how do you safeguard yourself?

Pro Tip: Pack dried cherries in your carryon to have as a healthy in-flight snack. They are a natural source of melatonin, promoting healthy sleep, helping to fight jet lag.

2: Vaccines and Medications​

Immunisation records

The best way to maintain a healthy travel lifestyle when heading overseas is to know what vaccines will protect you from diseases.

If you visit your doctor before you go, they will be able to give you the proper injections required and prescribe medicine you will need in case of emergencies.

Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid Fever, Yellow Fever, Cholera and Travellers’ Diarrhea are all the top vaccines for any travel to South America or Asia.  There is also now a high alert for Measles in many counties, so ensure you are protected before you go.

3: Stock your first aid kit​

First Aid kitAlways carry a first aid kit for general emergencies. It’s your front of the line tool for maintaining a healthy travel lifestyle.

  • You should carry staple items with you such as anti-diarrheal medication, antihistamine, anti-motion sickness medication, pain relievers, hand sanitizer, and Band-Aids.
  • Review your medication list which you have updated in Wanngi and make sure you have scripts filled for those medications you will need whilst you are travelling

4: Heat and Sun

France in summerWhen out in the hot sun, we wear a hat and cover up under lightweight clothing such as long shirts and sarongs.

Make sure that you regularly slathering on sunscreen every hour.

5: Keep Hydrated

handful of waterStaying hydrated while travelling is key. We can become lazy when travelling and start to ask for ice in our drinks as a source of hydration, however, do not do this unless you are completely sure the ice/ water is safe to drink. In some countries stick to bottled water for hydration.  It may be helpful to keep track of your water intake

6: Food

People eating outdoorsWhen it comes to eating abroad, look for eateries that are packed with local people. Chances are the food will be fresh and safe to eat because of the high turnover. With locals eating there you will mostly likely notice the food to be authentic and affordable.

7: Jet Lag

jet lagged eyesJet lag is a tough one as it is almost impossible to beat completely. Sometimes you just feel a little delirious for a day or two. 
However, there are little tips and tricks you can do to reduce jet lag. Switch your phone to the local time before arriving at your destination and you will already be thinking in that time you are going too. Avoid alcohol before or during the flight. Instead, drink water or juice to stay hydrated. Lastly, sleep on the flight. Pack a neck pillow, cosy sweater and settle in for asleep.

8: Travel Insurance and emergencies

Travel InsuranceMake sure that before you travel you take out Travel Insurance in case something happens.  

The Travel Insurance should cover you for any accidents whilst on holidays or hospital and doctor visits should you be come sick.Wanngi Personal health


Of course the Hospitals and Doctors will require your health history and the easiest option is to have this hand to communicate and share with the health professionals. 

As a minimum, you will be asked if you have any allergies, what medications you are on and relevant health history.  Sometimes you might have differences in languages, so its helpful to be able to show them in the Wanngi App.