How A Veterinarian Suffering From MS Is Preventing Pets From Getting Sick

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition of the central nervous system, interfering with nerve impulses within the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. MS currently affects over 25,600 in Australia and more than two million people are diagnosed worldwide. One of those millions is Dr Evan Shaw, Veterinarian and Managing Director of innovative pet company, FleaMail.

MS is an extremely debilitating illness, resulting in extreme visible and invisible symptoms. “Everyday’s a different day, everyday’s a different story. It’s all different so there’s no one way to manage it because I don’t know what it’ll be tomorrow. I don’t know what to prepare for, I could wake up tomorrow and be blind, or I could wake up tomorrow and not be able to use my leg,” says Dr Evan.

However, the extreme symptoms are not the only thing that people with MS have to deal with. The harsh judgment of others is, unfortunately, a very real issue that many people who suffer from chronic illness have to face. “People just don’t get it, they look at you and think that nothing is wrong with you. People think that unless you’re in a wheelchair, then you don’t really have a disability.”

Wanngi helps Dr Evan take control over his health by allowing for him track his daily symptoms. “Because I have a chronic disease that needs constant monitoring, I need a simple and easy way to manage it. As a vet I see people monitoring their pets very closely, but they rarely do it for themselves. Monitoring helps if there is an exacerbation, so people really need to be monitoring themselves and their conditions.”

But despite his struggles, Dr Evan Shaw is determined to help the sick and injured, just not the human kind. “Being a vet is just that thing that I’ve always wanted to be.” And he’s determined to make sure that we can prevent our pets illnesses as much as possible with his business FleaMail. A subscription service that delivers your pets flea and worm treatments to your door, so that you never forget. “I think that the number one killer of old people with ailments is them not taking their medications.” While this is a massive problem for humans, it can also have the same devastating effects on animals. Which is why he’s so determined to make sure that animals are getting their medication and treatments regularly. Dr Evan’s is also a big believer in going all-in when it comes to preventive and treatment care for both humans and animals. “You’ve got to go all in, go in for the full treatments as well as the catch-ups. You can’t just go in once a year.”

While Dr Evan suffers from an illness that can make keeping track of your health impossible. He knows the importance of trying and isn’t going to give up on himself, or your pets.

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