How Being Single Can Benefit Your Health

Singles’ Day took the internet by storm this week, suddenly drawing attention to one of the biggest sales days of the year. So what actually is Singles Day?

Well, it’s a popular shopping holiday that originated in China, with the intention of celebrating being single. The day first started in 1993 and was created as a day for single people to celebrate their individual health, happiness, and success. Since then its grown into the largest shopping day in the world. However, many people still recognise the opportunity to acknowledge their singleness. 

Being single can actually be a huge benefit to your health. While there’s many stereotypes that if you’re single, you must also be unhappy, being alone can actually contribute positively to your overall well-being!

Single People Take Better Care of Themselves

Individuals who are single tend to take better care of themselves. Many of us are familiar with the notion that when you “settle down” into relationships, you will fall into unhealthy habits. Meanwhile, many single men and women tend to care more about their well-being, health, and appearance. 

They Exercise Regularly

Due to this, single people are more likely to exercise regularly. Couples tend to have more commitments throughout their day that stop them from making time to exercise, such as childcare or social activities. In fact, a British survey in 2011 found that 76% of married men and 63% of married women failed to meet the recommended 150 minutes of  exercise per week. Meanwhile, singles are more likely to meet the target. 

They Experience Better Sleep

You’re also more likely to get a good night’s sleep if you’re single. Individuals who experience a good sleep tend to have stronger immune systems. They’re also less prone to stress and depression, and have healthier hearts. Rest easy knowing that instead of struggling with sharing the covers all night, you’re improving your health.

While being single can positively contribute towards your physical health, it’s also important to remember to live you life fully. Encourage yourself to find happiness alone first. While others may insist the couples around you are happier (without proper evidence) and that you need to find someone ASAP, focusing on maintaining your health is much more important.