If you have recently suffered from an accident or injury, you may have a long road ahead to full recovery. It can be difficult to understand your limitations during this time, not to mention monitoring your progress as you heal.

The good news is Wanngi’s Symptoms Management feature equips you with all the tools you need. You are able to track and monitor all your symptoms and experiences. Lets take a look at how symptoms management is helping others on their road to recovery.

Amy’s recovery from a cycling accident

Amy, at age 24, loves to exercise and always manages to find time for running, cycling and the gym in her weekly schedule. Using Wanngi she is able to connect her Fitbit and keep all her fitness data in one location. However, she recently suffered a cycling accident. Since then she has struggled to adapt to a longer term recovery from the resulting back injuries. While still able to walk and go to work, Amy’s exercise routine has suffered.

However with Wanngi, Amy can monitor her recovery. Using Wanngi’s symptoms management feature, she tracks any changes in both her physical and mental health during her rehabilitation. As she gradually reintroduces exercise to her routine, she can record any pain she encounters after each session. She can now view her symptoms timeline alongside her fitness data, and keep her health professionals updated at each checkup. Wanngi has put her back in control of her own health information.

Ben’s journey forwards from a stroke

Ben, 31, had his life altered when he unexpectedly suffered a stroke. He was extremely lucky to walk away with the possibility of a full recovery. However, the journey to this end goal will be a long one. He is now learning to walk again, and adjusting to cope with temporary memory loss. With the support of his partner, and Wanngi to help him track his recovery, he is hopeful for the best possible outcome.

Using symptoms management, he records every change he experiences. This includes what happened and when, what led up to it, and how severe his reaction was. Even while coping with memory loss, he can track his progress and simply show his doctor his symptoms timeline at each checkup. This way his doctor, his partner and himself are all kept up to date with the facts surrounding his health.

So what about me?

If you are also on a journey to recovery from an accident or injury, you can keep track of your symptoms and experiences with Wanngi. You can record not only your symptoms, but also your fitness data by connecting your wearables. With all your health data accessible in one location, we are putting you back in control of your own health information.

Wanngi is now live and available for our community! Sign up here, and read more about our symptoms management feature here.