If you are thinking of leaping outside your comfort zone to embark on a new journey, set your goals with Wanngi to achieve greatness.

At age 19, Georgia took a leap of faith to travel to Spain, and test her physical and mental limits on a 900 km pilgrimage across the country. Despite the challenges, it has helped to shape her into the person she is today.

The beautiful landscape of Spain.

“I was mostly nervous about the language differences, and I also didn’t know if I’d be able to finish it. The aim was to give it my best shot and see how far I could get,” said Georgia, now 20 years old.

During the early weeks of her trip, it was a struggle for her to remain positive as her body became used to the gruelling conditions along the trek.

“I was going through so much pain; my feet were getting shredded by my boots. My shoulders hurt, my legs hurt.”

However, by the three-week mark, something had altered in Georgia’s mindset. “It took that long for the physical pain to subside, and once it did, so did the self-doubt,” she says. Conquering her initial doubts, she became excited for each morning and walking further each day.

“At the start, being 900km from this end goal, it’s so far away, and walking 15km every day feels like nothing. But then the numbers keep clicking down and you just get closer and closer.”

Georgia’s advice to others is to set small goals. No matter how far away the finish line seems, it is possible when breaking it down and achieving daily goals.

How could Wanngi have helped Georgia on her journey?

Georgia and the backpack she carried for 900km.

“I kept a journal, but had no way of tracking exactly how I was feeling. If I had an app to keep track of my health I would have used it for training and nutrition… I could have seen progress and how fast I was walking each day.”

While Georgia was lucky enough to stay well for the majority of her trip, she also understood the benefits of having her records with her had an emergency arisen.

“It would have been great in a travel sense to have the app and the access to my health records because of the language difference; it would help if I couldn’t describe to them the intricacies of my body and movements in the past few weeks. They would be able to look at the app and it’s all there.”

Leap outside your comfort zone to embark on a new journey. Set your goals with Wanngi to achieve greatness.

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