Women doctor helping woman sitting on bed

How Digital Health Is Helping People with Chronic Illnesses manage their doctor appointments

“A standard day for me usually includes running email and advertisement campaigns, managing our social media, working on marketing strategies, and conducting market research. Each day is really so varied, and no two days are ever the same, so there’s always something new to be done, which is what I love,” says Amy.

Having battled with chronic illnesses since childhood, Amy understands the importance of maintaining your health. Despite being 22, Amy has already undergone 5 surgeries due to both short and long term issues.

“I have two chronic illnesses: asthma and fibromyalgia. Along with various other illnesses ranging from frequent colds to migraines, I also have hypermobility which causes me a lot of physical injuries. Alongside that, I previously suffered from extreme sinus issues that lasted over 5 years.”

Due to her extensive illnesses, general life for Amy can become difficult to manage. “It can be a bit annoying sometimes since it’s not something I have control over, mainly if I’m unable to come into work, or need to leave a social event early. Some people don’t understand how an illness can affect you if they can’t actually see the physical results.”

Amy is passionate about digital health being the future of the health industry, especially in regards to consumer generated content. She believes that consumers often don’t know enough about their own health, or feel like they don’t have control over it. Digital health provides a way to give consumers back that control.

“Using Wanngi has been really beneficial for me, because writing out the details of my symptoms allows me to think more critically about why I’m feeling a certain way, and helps me track my medications. I can also store all my pathology and test results within the app, which is helpful during appointments.” During my doctor’s appointment I then provide a list of my recent symptoms and relevant health history.  My Doctor now tells me I am very organised.  I feel more in control and able to communicate to my doctors and improve my chances of a timely diagnosis.

While Amy’s illnesses can be unpredictable, Wanngi allows her to track and manage her symptoms with ease. She can now upload all my medical records and health information in one secure, paperless location.