How do people want to access their personal health information?

It’s clear that health consumers and carers have an expectation that innovative digital technologies will continue to improve the health system, as has happened in many other industries.

Which is where Wanngi comes in. As a multi-platform application, Wanngi allows you to access your data digitally, however you want, in a private and secure manner. And Australians have been asking for this access for years.

As part of a 2017 consultation process called “Your Health, Your Say”, the Australian Government received feedback, opinions and perspectives from consumers, carers, and community groups about how they wanted their health information.

Australians Want Their Healthcare Improved by Digital Technology

In an online survey as part of the consulation process, over 80% of respondents agreed that digital technology will transform and improve healthcare outcomes for Australia. They considered access to personal health information using digital technology to be highly important.

Interestingly, more than four times as many people want to access their personal health information on a mobile app (48%), than currently do (11%). On a device level, 69% of people want to access their personal health information through their laptop or desktop computer, but only 31% of people do so currently. For smartphones, the margin is even greater – only 10% of people currently access personal health information on their smartphone, but 50% want to be able to use their smartphones for health information. Almost 80% of Australians have access to phones, collectively glancing at them over 440 million times a day.

The top 3 activities people want to do on their mobile device, according to ADHA

  1. Manage medications
  2. Track their health
  3. Request refill prescriptions

Wanngi Makes Accessing Information Easy

Two thirds of Australians (65%) say the healthcare system is difficult to navigate and they want to know the cost, quality and availability of services easily and quickly when searching for information.

The good news is that Australia’s My Health Record aims to assist Australian consumers with some of these difficulties. The even better news? Wanngi allows you to keep track of your full detailed personal health information, on any device, as well as having a seamless integration to the My Health Record. And since Wanngi is a view-only portal (which prohibits copying, recording or storing data) your health information is protected and as secure as possible.

Many smartphone-based apps have been proven to improve health outcomes, and the Australian Digital Health Agency says that is an opportunity for digital tools that improve and manage consumers’ health, as well as respect their privacy. Wanngi is ready to take that opportunity head on.

And according to Australian Digital Health Agency Chief Executive Tim Kelsey, the time for change in healthcare is now.

When he spoke at the AFR conference in February, he said that Australia is the first country of its size to provide summary mobile records for every citizen.

“Time for action [on digital health] is now,” Mr Kelsey said.

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