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How I manage to keep multiple doctors in the loop with my multiple conditions

It’s with dread that I move to the receptionist counter.  Could you fill out this form please.  Its my first time at this specialist and the new patient form only has a small amount of space to enter my health history.

Whenever I see a new health professional, I roll my eyes to myself when I see the few lines they have allocated on their medical history forms for prior conditions and medications. As if I had the time and patience to write that out by hand anymore — let alone the space to include it all.

I’m not alone in this problem.  

But the problem is I have more that one chronic condition.  Every medical appointment, I am requested to repeat the same health history, current medications and allergies and oh I nearly forgot, what is currently wrong with me.  And I know if I don’t give them everything I will end up on the gravy train of having tests and specialist referrals. While the number of appointments is to be expected, it doesn’t mean that dealing with them is easy to handle.  Its often an expensive exercise in both time to undertake the testing and the cost of the appointments

So now I’ve discovered Wanngi I’m organised and instead I provide it the list to the reception with one click of a button.  
Now I’m also finding it easier to communicate with these doctors and be diagnosed. Recently I went to one of these appointments and the doctor said I was organised as I had provided him with a health history report from Wanngi. 
I felt so much more in control of managing my health now.