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Discover how Mike & Kerry manage multiple health conditions

Are you a parent or carer for members of your family?

We understand that being a parent is a full time job, and the responsibilities are endless. Keeping track of everyone’s health is an entity in itself, one which the Lander family understands too well and has struggled with for a long time. Having finally found a solution, they are excited to have one weight lifted from their shoulders.

Mike and Kerry Lander are parents to their three children as well as both working full time. Over the years they have been swamped with doctor visits, specialist referrals and more. Their eldest son Jack has had multiple injuries as a result of his adventurous tendencies and so they have taken more than one family trip to the emergency room. Their youngest daughter Evie was also diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 5, causing the family to make several adjustments to their routine in order to meet her needs.

Now, several years on, they have finally found balance. Despite the busy timetable leaving little time for rest, the family still loves to get outdoors whenever possible. Mum of three, Kate, shares a snippet of their journey.

What has been most challenging for you?

I’m a worrier, and whenever my kids are sick I probably suffer the most. I feel like I live through it with them. I’ve been extremely lucky to have healthy kids for the most part. Still, whenever Jack is injured from playing rugby or climbing too many tall trees, I worry for him. Likewise, whenever Evie gets sick I go into hyper-worry because it can become really serious.

When Jack was 10 he became severely concussed after being tackled in a rugby game, which led him to taking the rest of the season off to recover.

He was so disappointed to miss out on the season. That was a few years ago now and he’s come so far since then, I’m extremely proud of him. But we are very careful to monitor any injuries from sport – I’ll always choose going to the doctor over waiting to see if it gets worse, it’s just the peace of mind for me.

After Evie’s diagnosis, Kate also had to help her family with many adjustments.

We make a lot more trips to the doctor now, but Evie has been so strong. She doesn’t even flinch for the insulin shots, but it took awhile for me to get used to it. I’m so proud of her.

How do you juggle the family’s commitments now as well as your own?

It always takes time with each new school year to find our routine, especially around training, swimming lessons and Evie’s doctor appointments. The older they get the easier it becomes, but when they were younger I just had to be really organised and always stay on top of everything – and I went without a lot of sleep for a few years!

Tell us about where you’re at today.

We’re in a really good place as a family. Of course we’re extremely busy but we can always make time for things the kids want to do… And managing everything is much easier now that it’s all digitalised. Even if I’m having a scatterbrained day I don’t have to worry about leaving my paperwork behind.

With Wanngi, Kate is now more confident than ever when it comes to tracking her family’s health information. As a member using the family subscription, she has a profile for each of her children and can keep their individual doctor visits, immunisations and medication all in one place whenever she needs it.  Being able to provide an up to date health history and symptoms list at the press of a button in Wanngi at each Doctor visit is really helpful

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