How to access health records online

Imagine no matter where you are in the world, you will have access to your health records.  This is the mission that Wanngi is working towards. Its a challenge for people to currently access their health information and to understand how to access health records online.

Our health data is everywhere and yet most of the time we aren’t given access to it. However, keeping track of your medical documents or  personal health records (PHR) can help you be in more control of you’re health and can prevent serious issues such as misdiagnosis and prolonged illness. 

So, how do you get a hold of your medical document? We won’t lie, it could potentially be a little tricky. The trouble is all of the healthcare systems are not as connected as they could be.

Steps to access your health information may include:

  • How to access your health information and any charges involved
  • How you’ll receive the information you’ve requested
  • When a health service provider can refuse your request
  • What to do if you need to change your health service provider

Privacy law gives you a general right to request access to the health information a health service provider holds about you

Also, Globally, CNET has an entire article on how to keep get and keep track of your medical records. Where Wanngi is listed as No 1. 

Are Health Records Useful?

Once you finally have a hold of your own health information, you have to decide how you’re going to store it. You can keep the paper versions organised in your house or office. But it’s probably going to get real messy real fast, it also makes it harder to find specific information when you need it, like what medications you’ve taken or past illnesses you’ve had.

Providing you health history!

This is where Wanngi comes in.  Your Doctor’s office has your personal health records, but its good to create one for yourself too. Wanngi allows you to upload all your medical records and past/current health information in one paperless location. You can then share it from your phone to a medical professional or to another location. And communicate more effectively with doctors and see important trends in your health while you’re sick, such as your very own symptom timeline.

Getting your own health data can sometimes be a little tricky but it’s your health and you should always have full access to it. With Wanngi, we hope to give you that access 24/7 and hope that it will help you become the healthiest you.