Health Destiny

How to change your health destiny during COVID19

Greater than 50% of the population have chronic illness.  Many of which are treatable and manageable.  However, without access to their own health data, people feel they are not able to self-monitor and improve their health situation.

Globally we are seeing a very strained healthcare service. It’s all hands-on deck for healthcare organisations to manage this latest covid19 outbreak.  

We see impacts both in resources diverted to COVID19, and people suffering with chronic illness practicing social distancing and not able to seek appropriate treatment for their conditions. The supply chain in health is that GP’s provide referrals to specialists for most treatments of chronic illness, so people may be deferring their appointments to their detriment.

When the peak of this COVID19 pandemic is over, the impacts of chronic illness will still be there with some people having their conditions exacerbated by lack of treatment during this time.

This pandemic has highlighted a problem where people are seeking to improve their health, however, they have incomplete access to their Health Data.  If they are seeking treatment during this time, they are using telehealth solutions.  In a short consultation people are required to repeat their medical history including Recalling Symptoms, Allergies, Current Medications, Health History and Reason for the visit.

No time like the present

There is no time like the present for people to track their symptoms and have updated health information on hand.

Learning to bake bread, conquer that table top jigsaw puzzle are some of the pastime activities that we are undertaking to while away the time spent in isolation during social distancing. 

Then don’t forget the spring cleaning, of the house and the cupboards.  then clean out your desk or office.   During this cleanout, you might find historic records of your pathology test results,  Doctor or specialist visits.  Now’s the time to scan them and capture them in a digital health wallet.  During this time, people can begin accumulating  their current and historic health and wellness information to provide preventative actions for people to improve their health future.

Using preventative measures to change your health Destiny

Wanngi provides an online health wallet for people to track their symptoms and health information,  to enable people to use their current and historic health and wellness information to provide preventative actions for people improve their health future.

People can self monitor their symptoms and health information to communicate to their physician physically or via Telehealth.

People feel that this app is useful for them to document and follow the development of symptoms of concern. In the current COVID-19 pandemic it could help them track or recognise the symptoms of corona virus, or any other developing medical condition and to seek medical attention accordingly.

It will then also be helpful for physicians in order to determine how presenting patients should be triaged, giving more reliable information than would be available from memory when the patient is stressed.

In a home healthcare scenario patients are able to export a personal health report to the Clinician and the patient arrange a consult based on their data.