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How to cut the cost of Breast Cancer treatment?

During COVID19 many people have delayed regular checkups and regular breast screenings.  However Cancer is not going to take a timeout during this pandemic.  Consider reinstating those regular appointments or if not possible due to the risk, look to Telehealth as an interim solution to keep on top of your preventative health treatment plan.

According to a recent University study women who do not attend regular breast screenings are more likely to face faced greater costs if eventually diagnosed with cancer than those who do.

The study found that women who undertook regular screens were more likely to have the cancer detected at an early stage and thus needed less serious and invasive treatments resulting in lower costs of care.

Steps for managing regular screenings

So you don’t forget in the future take the following steps in Wanngi

  1. Collect any previous tests and upload them to your Wanngi account
  2. Start tracking an symptoms (unusual or not)
  3. Contact your GP and arrange a referral for the Breast Screenings
  4. Save the referral in Wanngi
  5. Setup a reminder for the next checkup appointment
  6. Export your symptoms and health report prior or during  the consult

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