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How to improve your chances of an accurate diagnosis

Listen to this new Podcast with Fractal, Gerard Doyle, and Wanngi CEO Maree Beare“How to launch a product with a latent need” Discussing the consumer move to manage their health digitally”

Listen here:  https://fractal.com.au/how-to-launch-a-product-with-a-latent-need/

Maree explains that Wanngi functions like a digital wallet and that its primary use is to manage difficult-to-access health records.  Instead of bringing your manilla folder with you, you’re going to start accumulating this information electronically, safely, in a secure place in cloud so that no matter where you are, you can show this to the doctor, no matter where you are. And in whatever language.

The consumer move to manage their health digitally

This Podcast was recorded in January when most people didn’t expect we would need to be so in tune with our health and the impacts of tracking our symptoms. We are so sorry that it is the case now. People now understand that is so crucial. We now have a scenario where Telehealth has become a safe option for those social distancing. If people have their health history in a paper folder, its difficult to communicate. Particularly if they have a chronic illness with extensive history. Moving to a digital health wallet enables people to be in control of their records and communicate what they need to improve their chances of an accurate diagnosis and better.


Caregivers as a potential app user pool

Another benefit of having health information on hand digitally is that Caregivers can easily us Wanngi as a tool to help communicate on behalf of those in their care.