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How to make healthy eating a habit

Many people dream of building healthier food habits, but even when armed with the right tools, temptation still gets in the way. As we continue on the journey of our series, Pursuing a Life of Happiness and Purpose, we explore the challenges we might face when building healthier habits for life.

In our previous article, we talked with Angela about how to begin making positive changes in our habits with food. Meal planning and budgeting our groceries can be a great place to start, however most of us will experience temptation throughout the journey. Angela is back to guide us through her thought process and how she tackles this challenge head-on.

Are you ever tempted by the junk food our society is inundated by?

I find it hard to be tempted when I’m not exposed to junk food. When there is temptation, my priorities are at the forefront for me, and so it lessens the urge because staying in tune with my desired outcome is more important to me.

How can we learn to enjoy the healthier alternatives?

Make your food tasty. It’s much more enjoyable to make food you will really look forward to eating. For me, learning the fundamentals of cooking, learning what goes well together as well as what spices and flavours I liked, was crucial. It helps to find the significance of what you’re eating and why you’re making this change.

Do you have any tips for people trying to combat temptation to take the unhealthy route?

Have something with you that is a constant reminder of the choice that you’re making. If you’ve previously made that choice to not eat something then remind yourself why you made that choice. And avoid the temptation when you can, to start with. Self-control is like a muscle, the more you practise it the stronger it gets.

What can we take away from this?

As someone who easily gives in to cravings for junk food, I was surprised to hear Angela has learned to combat this temptation by keeping her priorities at the forefront of her mind. To do the same when tackling temptation, I now know to:

  • Avoid it when you can. The less exposure you have to junk food, the less likely you are to buy it.
  • Make the healthier route more exciting. Find out which foods you like and discover how you can make cooking and meal prepping an experience you’ll enjoy!
  • Remind yourself why you are doing this. Building healthy food habits for life is no easy feat, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed along the way. Remember why you started, and never give up!