Since moving through our series towards a Life of Happiness and Purpose, we have discussed the benefits of improving our physical space, habits surrounding food, and overcoming obstacles to living a healthier life. Another crucial element to our overall wellbeing is movement and physical exercise.

While it’s easy to understand the benefits of getting outdoors and moving our bodies each day, the tricky part can be sticking to our goals once we’ve set them. How can we work towards achieving our ambitions without losing motivation along the way?

If you’ve just joined a gym, signed up to a fitness class or are simply hoping to get started on a new fitness journey, you can use Wanngi to help you stay motivated and on track.

Set your fitness goals

To commit to your fitness journey, it is crucial to know exactly what you want to achieve. Are you training for a marathon? Wanting to ride a bike for an hour each day? Or just simply hoping to get outside and enjoy the morning sunshine? Set clear goals so you can work towards achieving them.

Link your favourite services

With Wanngi you can link your favourite wearables such as Fitbit, Garmin, Strava and Google Fit to keep all your fitness data in one easily accessible location. With your wearables connected, you can see your daily and weekly achievements add up as you move forwards in your journey.

Track your progress

You can view your fitness information at any time in the app. With your services linked, you will be able to view your steps, as well as your distance and duration from each workout. Depending on the services you have connected, you can also track your water intake, calories, and sleep.

Invite your friends

While making changes to your habits and lifestyle can be difficult, working through the challenges with friends can make the journey much more fun and rewarding. Whether you can persuade your friends to get out and about with you, or make new friends through your new fitness activities, you can help one another work towards your goals and celebrate achievements together.

Want to achieve your fitness goals? Wanngi Primary+ allows for more goals and services. Upgrade now!