take control of your immunization records

Start uploading your COVID-19 test results online with Wanngi

We live in a world where immunization has become very relevant, and storing results of on-going tests is crucial. 

With the move for the population to self monitor their COVID symptoms, be it Delta or Omicron variant
it’s time to think about using a digital personal health record.

With international understandings to live with Covid19 shifts the onus on people tracking RAT (Rapid Antigen tests), their own symptoms, all without engagement and connection to the health systems.

Those who are unfortunate enough to end up with Longcovid will value their own health history tracking as they navigate the world of managing a long term


Take control of your Immunization

Wanngi helps you upload and store all your pathology results and track your immunization so you have access to all the information you need, whenever you need to present it.

Of course you have the option of keeping hardcopies in your home or office, however, that can get messy real fast, it also makes it harder to find specific information as and when you need it, like presenting your COVID-19 test results when you are in public or travelling.

So at the next Doctor's visit..

This is where Wanngi comes in. Your Doctor’s office has your personal health records, but its good to create one for yourself too. Wanngi allows you to upload all your medical records and past/current health information in one paperless location. You should always have full access to your medical history.

With Wanngi, we hope to give you that access 24/7 and hope that it will help you become the healthiest you