How Wanngi Got Started

In early 2017 Maree Beare realised that one major thing was missing from the health care system. “I tried to access my health record and the only option I could find was the government consumer portal. At that time, I realised that the eHealth record was only really accessible for clinicians and bureaucrats, so I set about making it accessible to people, giving them more control over their health information.”

Meet The Female Tech Entrepreneur Who Started It All

Maree Beare

Since launching the company Maree has developed the health management app Wanngi enabling and empowering people with access to their health history. “It’s been a long road – This past year especially has been a rigorous year for Wanngi, designing a tightly secure app with privacy at its heart, as well as ensuring the user experience is of exceptional quality.”


Wanngi is a health management app for people to track their symptoms and health history to provide at their next medical appointment or telehealth consult. With Wanngi you can upload all your medical records and health information in one secure, paperless location.  “When you have a chronic condition, time is your enemy.  Handing over the same information over and over is time consuming.  Wanngi helps you compress that time, with health reports you can help the professionals make decisions about your diagnosis faster and get the results you expect out of each appointment.”

Wanngi is now available globally, but the past two years definitely haven’t been easy

“I have been involved in technology my whole career, so the challenges of a female founder in STEM is not new to me.”

“The challenges of implementing innovation in digital health are difficult.  Also, unfortunately, female entrepreneurs are also less likely to receive backing and funding, even though they are statistically more likely to run more successful businesses. Having bootstrapped this startup, thus far, has also been a challenge for us as we have had a number of delays due to dependencies on Government approvals, and additional challenges during COVID”

However, as a result of a lot of hard work and countless hours, Wanngi is available and continuing on viewing the problem of health diagnosis through the consumer lens.  

“Now that we’ve launched Wanngi, we’re continuing to listen to the needs of our customers and to improve and extend the functionality.”

“People can begin creating their own personal health record for the first time ever. Full of their health history and updated regularly with activities and symptoms as they arise, its a surprise to both patients and clinicians alike as to how this can compress time for diagnosis”

“Wanngi is now scaling globally as other countries digitise their patient’s health information.”

Take the stress out of your health and get Wanngi here today!