Stay on top of your family's immunisations. Never forget them again.

Store all of your children's past immunisations and easily set reminders for future ones. Wanngi is the private alternative to My Health Record for mums & dads that gives you control.

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How it works.

Never forget your immunisations.

Manage and keep track of your immunisations and get reminders. There’s nothing worse than forgetting a major vaccination, or having to trying to remember a list of allergies.


Access your health data, wherever you are

Wanngi is a web app – which means it runs from your internet browser on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, wherever you are in the world. 

As secure as it gets.

We are perfectionists with our security. Consider the industry standard our starting point. Our high-level encryption means your data is as safe as possible. HIPAA-compliant protected health information storage. Not only that, we go above and beyond the Australian Federal Government’s security guidelines.

Track symptoms and personal health management

Your family history of immunisations, easily accessible.

Be confident of what you have been vaccinated agaisnt. List all past immunisations for each family member and quickly view them whenever you need to.

All your family's health information, in one place.

Securely store and save medical and clinical documents – from hospital discharge summaries to doctor referrals. 

Keep your data with you, always.

Take your health information with you when you change doctors, cities, specialists or countires. No matter what you’re doing, or where you are, your family’s health information will be with you.

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Have you and your child been been vaccinated against whooping cough?

Many parents fear their children getting whooping cough, and for a good reason. But, what exactly is whooping cough, how do you tell if you or your baby has it, and what can you do to protect them? We’ve got all the answers to your questions below.

Why Mums love us.

"I'm so scared of missing a immunisation or forgetting an allergy of one of my children. I've got a long and convoluted list and it's become a bit of a hassle. Wanngi solves this by putting all of this in one place, and lets me set reminders for immunisations so I don't forget."
Ruth Strauss
Mother of three
"Juggling my own wellbeing with the health of my young children has been very difficult for me - I'm often struggling to stay on top of it all. Now that I have Wanngi, everything is so much easier, and I can relax, knowing that have all my children's health information in one place."
Amy Lang
Mother of two
"I have a real problem with keeping tracking of my daughter's health - especially as a busy single mum. It can be exhausting. Wanngi allows me to make sure I'm on top of my health, as well as my daughters, in the single app."
Tia Martin
Single Mum

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