Living through Lockdown

Living through Lock down, Surviving in solitary. Sometimes they can feel the same. Over the course of this lock down it’s been a challenge for many people to maintain their health, both mental and physical. Most people are doing it tough. Jobs are becoming harder to retain. Those that are still able to work are now subject to new restrictions and further preventative measures. Those unable to work or studying feel helpless in the face of the current crisis.

Living in Melbourne, Australia during the Coronavirus has been especially hard. Although there will always be ups and downs, quarantine was lifted for the most part for a brief fortnight. This ended with a large surge in cases and the state being forced into an even harsher quarantine that previously. This left many people and businesses frustrated, all the hard work wasted. The general feeling around the state has become one of unease and uncertainty. No-one knows when restrictions will lift, no-one knows when cases will drop to manageable levels. 

Worldwide people are suffering too, at Wanngi our hearts go out to everyone around the world being affected by this crisis. Whether you’re directly affected or not we’re all in this together.


Life when you're stuck inside

I personally have found the crisis a struggle. Day in and day out with only 1 hour allocated for exercise, it has meant that every activity, be it work or learning must now be conducted online. The lack of face to face communication with friends and family has meant that the day to day has become a blur. Most people forget what day of the week it is as the weeks blend together. 

It is through this struggle however that our community has been able to come together. Despite our mandated social distancing I can still see their eyes smiling. Some of the small things I’ve come to appreciate during this lock down would be some of the most mundane things in my normal life. Fresh bread, talking to friends and family. It goes without saying Netflix has become all of our best friend, even the notifications on my phone have become a reminder that we’re all still together. 

The little things

One of the very few constants I’ve had has been that little ping on the phone every morning. It reminds me that someone is out there, looking out for me. 

It’s finding these little things every day that is keeping people going during these hard times. Being able to appreciate the small time outdoors or taking a break is important. 

It’s also key that people are able to be kind to themselves during this crisis, not everyone is going to be OK all the time, and that’s ok. It’s fine to be struggling or have a few “off” days, it’s just important to not lose sight of better times ahead. 

At Wanngi we’ve been working around the clock to make sure that our services are running properly and that we’re able to answer all of your concerns. If you have any troubles please do not hesitate to reach out to us as helping you is our passion.

We’re all looking forward to a time where we once again can feel free but until then, it’s important to stay inside for everyone’s safety.

This Blog post was written by Content Editor Callum who lives in Melbourne, Australia