What happens when you lose your specialist referrals. Almost 50% of people say they have to return to the GP or Primary Care Physician. So save yourself time and the expense of extra doctor visits and save your specialist referrals in Wanngi.

Have you ever had an important medical document that could not be lost? 

I’m sure you have as an alarming 1 in 3 people lose their medical referrals yearly. Although this is a staggering statistic, it is very understandable with how busy life can get. 

The Specialist Referral process

Here’s an example of how referrals work. You’ve had a runny nose, congestion and itchy eyes for a few weeks. Is it a cold? Is it allergies?

When you have an HMO or Insurance plan, you go to your Primary Care Physician first to find out. After an exam, she rules out a cold and suspects it may be an allergy. She refers you to an allergist. The referral may be electronic, on paper or called in.

Getting a referral doesn’t guarantee your plan will cover or help pay for everything. For example, you may have a copay, need to meet your deductible, or pay for things your plan doesn’t cover.

But without a referral, you could pay more or all of the costs.


Important information about referrals

Referrals need to come from your current PCP or GP if you want your Health Insurance to cover or help pay for your care when:

  • A Doctor or specialist refers you to another specialist
  • You need to see a specialist

Some other things you should know about referrals:

  • Referrals expire. You’ll have anywhere from 90 days to one year to see the doctor you were referred to, depending on the speciality

If a referral is lost, destroyed or stolen, you could pay more or all of the costs. This can be a scary thing for many people when visiting a doctor, especially a specialist. 

Something like a piece of paper can be so easily misplaced amongst the chaos. However, this no longer needs to be an issue, with Wanngi allowing you to take a photo or upload scanned medical documents to the app. 

Specialist Referrals

Store Specialist Referrals

But not only is it annoying when you lose your medical referrals, it can also become costly. 

With millions already putting off seeing doctors simply because they cannot afford it, a lost referral is the last thing anyone needs. 

However, you no longer have to be caught out in not receiving your healthcare Fund covering costs or having added stress over losing medical documents, as Wanngi ensures your medical documents are not only secured but always accessible through the app, anytime or anywhere. 

Hence, by always having Wanngi and these medical records in your back pocket, this is ensuring the best for your medical and financial health. 

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