As the summer holidays gradually draw to a close, families can become overwhelmed by the stress of preparing to return to school for the year. Casey, who is a mum of two kids, also works full time. She has to plan a new routine to get every member of the family to school and work on schedule. They have to buy new books, bags and shoes where the old ones have holes worn through. There seems to be countless tasks to organise and manage.

In addition, Casey has to prepare is a list of her son Toby’s allergies. With dietary restrictions and medication to take if he has a reaction, she has a great deal of information to manage and give to his new class teacher.

She also has to prepare a routine for the afternoons when her daughter, Ella plays basketball, and which days the kids have swimming lessons. In addition, Casey still wants to make time for herself and keep track of her own fitness goals. Summer was the perfect opportunity for morning beach walks with the puppy, however it will be harder to manage this every day with the school schedule. Without keeping track, it can be easy to forget which days she has managed to set aside time for herself.

This is also the year that Ella will need her vaccinations, along with the rest of her grade cohort. While needles are no problem for Ella, Casey has lost track of which ones Ella has already had, and can’t remember where she has written them all down.

Having so much to account for, this is a stressful time of year for Casey to say the least.

How can we help?

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With Wanngi, Casey can now view both her and her children’s records easily, allowing her to share Toby’s allergy information with relevant teachers. After asking her family doctor to upload past and present health information to their records, she now has a copy of Ella’s vaccination history for the upcoming school rounds.

Casey is also able to keep track of her own fitness goals. In between running the kids around to swimming lessons, basketball training, and to see their friends, she knows when she needs to take time for herself. She can keep track of her daily steps, water intake, and how much sleep she is getting. If her or her children become unwell, she can write notes on the symptoms they experience to give to the doctor when she sees him next.

With everything she needs right in the one place, Casey doesn’t have to worry about how to stay on top of her health anymore. She is now in the driver’s seat, taking control of her health and wellness.

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