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Meet Kylene – A Wanngi Success Story

Recently at Wanngi we’ve begun running design and review workshops with our subscribers. We’ve been lucky enough to run several of these sessions now, with each new meeting giving us a better insight into the people we can help. These design and review workshops are instrumental in helping us to understand what features you’d like to see in the future and help us to implement them in the ways that you’d like.

One of the people who reached out to us was Kylene.

Kylene found Wanngi after a thorough exploration of her options in managing her chronic health conditions. She is a young woman from America and a professional in the world of app development. She has worked for a number of Silicon Valley companies in her time with her parents characterising her as The child who never stopped asking why“.

This innate curiosity is what led her to Wanngi during her search for a Health Management App.

Kylene has recently struggled with several different chronic conditions and was looking for a way to better manage her health. Her phone notebook was awash with stories and information. She had a system of notes by hand that quickly turned into a library.

On a daily basis she was recording her symptoms and needed a better solution. Her mother taught her how to write things by hand but when she needed to visit hospital handwritten notes are often unhelpful. Another system she adopted was to let her family know so that they could remind her. All of these systems are great but remain fragmented without a centralising force, and that needed to change.

She decided that the lack of a dedicated Health Management app was a detriment to her life so she got online to find out how she could better manage her health.

Why Kylene chose Wanngi

What led her to Wanngi was an in depth SWOT analysis of the different apps on the market. After looking into our founder Maree and her mission to bring ease to those suffering from chronic conditions, she decided to go with Wanngi. To use her words “Maree is a trustworthy person who wasn’t about to steal her data”. 

Wanngi offered Kylene the ability to consolidate all of her data in the one easy to use place. She needed an app that was HIPAA compliant for peace of mind. And she also needed to be able to retrieve her data with the press of a button. By choosing Wanngi Kylene has been able cut down the time she spends managing her health and has been able to spend more time doing the things she loves.

After looking into our founder Maree and her mission to bring ease to those suffering from chronic conditions, she decided to go with Wanngi. To use her words “Maree is a trustworthy person who wasn’t about to steal her data”.

What life was like for Kylene before Wanngi

Repeating information to multiple doctors had become a chore, especially when there was no easy way to collate things. “Before Wanngi I would characterise my experiences as “overloading” doctors with my symptoms” she said. Condensing the many pages of history and post it notes was a painful experience. The Wanngi health history report tool enabled her to quickly export the history she needed with the press of a button.  Wanngi “helps me surface my main, recurring symptoms” She said; “Then I’m able to give more examples quickly to help the doctor to better understand the issue.”

Some parting advice from Kylene

“What I’ve learned through all this is that a symptom that seems insignificant to you may be the piece the doctors need to tie everything together. I’ve also learned that you are your best health advocate. You know your body better than anyone else and you must trust your gut” said Kylene.

“Through Wanngi, this is the first time I’ve felt empowered to get a second opinion.”

Before Wanngi, I didn’t have this quantifiable information (i’m a statistics nerd). Some doctors were able to shrug off my concerns when they’d ask how long I’ve been experiencing a symptom and how much it hurt. The photo option has also been a huge help instead of digging through my Photo albums.”

Kylene’s experience is an experience felt worldwide on a regular basis. Millions of people worldwide suffer from chronic health conditions and it’s our mission at Wanngi to help them the best way we can.

It’s people like Kylene who drive us in our effort to provide the best possible service and make your lives easier. We’re continually running feedback and review sessions and are always looking for more input from you. We’d love to hear from you here.