Meet Our CEO And Founder

Maree Beare

Forbes top 50 women-led startups disrupting HealthTech

Maree Beare is the founder and CEO of Wanngi, a health management app for people with chronic conditions who see multiple doctors who feel vulnerable, out of control and helpless in managing their health.

Her work with Wanngi has been recognized by Forbes in the top 50 women-led startups disrupting HealthTech and CNET,  showing the Australian company is becoming a growing influence in the digital health sector. She was also named in the top 100 Women in Wearables for 2019.

Maree is passionate about using innovative technology to positively impact the lives of others. She is renowned as a forward-thinking leader in the technology sector, with extensive experience advising leading organizations in transforming their businesses and delivering high-profile technology programs.

62% of people don’t have enough information about their health, leading to costly health care for everyone. The whole world has moved to telehealth and digital health. But how do people then manage all their health records in this new digital world?

So Maree created Wanngi, which is a health management platform, designed to house all of those digital health records. She is helping to shake up the digital health space for consumers, by providing a central place for people to track their symptoms, their health records and their treatment, so they can improve their diagnosis and, and help them have conversations at their next medical appointment.

In 2021 the health management platform will scale to manage patient health history, adverse event management, real world evidence and remote monitoring during clinical trials.   

I am so excited about Wanngi “Thriving” and scaling this year in bringing consumer health to healthcare. In addition, with

Wanngi collaborations in Telehealth and clinical trials Real World Evidence,

consumers can help drive improvements in ongoing healthcare management


Don’t Just Survive, Thrive” podcast of 2021 #thespotlightseries discussing Wanngi’s purpose and startup journey. About Wanngi “Thriving” and scaling in bringing consumer health to healthcare. This year Wanngi collaborations in Telehealth and clinical trials, consumers can help drive improvements in ongoing healthcare management. Apple: Spotify: Buzzsprout 

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