Mental health

Mental illness is at a yearly peak

With the onslaught of the holiday season, mental illness is at a yearly peak. People are stressed watching or being involved with the global warming impacts of fires, droughts etc. Many people are confronted with stress, anxiety, and depression during this busy time of year. Unfortunately, the holiday season can often be the cause of this due to family commitments, stressful shopping, and poor mental health management.

“That opportunity to have control, often in situations…where people have had complex health histories, who are continuously telling the same story. Often a traumatic story of diagnosis, or medications they’ve taken…having to recount their story time and time again, because the information isn’t readily available to practitioners.”


Recently our founder and CEO Maree Beare sat down with Tina Winchester for her podcast Careers & Mental Health Conversation to discuss why she created a platform to provide individuals with a global personal health record. Their discussion includes interventions for mental health, and the importance of recording accurate information.

“Being able to recount that back with accuracy, surely is going to help”

Wanngi offers a unique experience to users, allowing them to have easy access to their health records. Users are able to track their health, upload documents, specialist referrals, and photos, and set reminders. This results in easier communication with their practitioners, relieving an often stressful or confusing situation.
Our service Wanngi has been recognized by Forbes in the top 50 women-led startups disrupting HealthTech and CNET as the most secure app for patients to store their personal medical records showing that our company is becoming a growing influence in the digital health sector.