My Health Record for every Australian

The team behind Wanngi have been advocating for consumers accessing their digital my health record. We are excited to soon provide a mobile app for people to view their records, in language they understand.

We are at a pivotal time for Australians as the national roll out of the Government’s My Health Record is fast approaching.

A big announcement from ADHA

ADHA (Australian Digital Health Agency) announced last week that by the end of 2018, a My Health Record will be created for every Australian, unless they choose not to have one. You have 3 months to opt out from July 16.

On the 24th of May, the CEO of the Australian Digital Health Agency, Tim Kelsey, addressed the National Press Club (watch the address on ABC iView) in relation to this announcement.

The right to opt-out

Kelsey said in his address that the My Health Record opt-out period will use a variety of channels to make Australians aware of the right to opt-out. Kelsey and the ADHA team have worked on using evidence-based approaches on how best to alert Australians, including based on learnings from opt-out trials that were conducted from March to October 2016.

The decision to make it an opt-out rather than opt-in process has been part of this evidence-based approach. The simple reason why, according to Kelsey, is “Opt-out drives clinical benefits faster”. This approach has also received supported from clinicians. The My Health Record will give them the ability to quickly and securely digitally share information 24/7 to improve health outcomes for their patients.

Handling sensitive data

Tim Kelsey was asked many questions around the security of sensitive information. Consumers will have control over what is uploaded to and available on their My Health Record.  See MyHealthRecord for the latest news.

Connect to your My Health Record

Wanngi will give you access to your My Health Record and more. Keep an eye on the Wanngi blog for upcoming news on our launch!