I Opted Out Of My Health Record – Now What Do I Do?

Take it from me – I opted out of My Health Record.

I’ll be honest, My Health Record was never a huge topic of discussion among my group of friends and I – travel, politics and food always seemed to reign our conversations. However, I did hear a few things as we approached the opt out date about privacy concerns, among other things. I read an article or two and decided quickly that I didn’t need a health record. I was in (relatively) perfect health anyway. And so I opted out. I didn’t think again of My Health Record opt out until some months later. I began wanting to track my own health information for the first time. Nevertheless, I still had my doubts about the privacy of my information that I just couldn’t shake, so opting back in wasn’t an option for me.

Then, I started getting sick

It was just the occasional tummy pain at first. Fixed with a panadol or two. I used to get really bad pains a few years ago where we never worked out the cause, but I hadn’t had any symptoms in so long that it never occurred to me they were related. Then, over time it started to come back. I could so easily fix it that I barely noticed how often it was occurring. Until one day I went without panadol when I really needed it, and ended up in hospital.

A rude awakening

It could have been worse. I spent a night in agony at the hospital, with multiple tests done and no answers given. I saw a couple of doctors in the weeks after but they all deduced it was hormonal pains or something along those lines. But I was sure it was different. I knew it just didn’t feel right, but I could never remember what days they happened and whether there was some sort of pattern there. Could it have been occurring around the same time every month? I had never written down the dates, and I was really regretting that now.

After that, I knew I wanted to track my own health

I had to do something to keep track of these symptoms, so I’d know exactly what to tell the doctor when he asked how often it was happening – and when. I started by keeping a journal of symptoms, but would often forget to write down the pain on the same day it happened… and once I lost it altogether. Then I started keeping notes in my phone. This was great apart from them getting lost in the other miscellaneous junk I wrote down on there.

I wanted to be in control of my own information

I just wanted to keep everything in one place – without losing it, without forgetting to write it down, without it getting lost in the multitudes of content I keep on my phone. Not only that, but I wanted a way of seeing my own appointment history. Plus it would have been great to keep track of the medication they put me on to try and resolve the issue. Until, I found an app that has everything. Or should I say, the app found me.


I met Maree Beare by chance. With a strong passion for the health app she has created, it wasn’t long before our discussion turned to Wanngi and what she was offering to her community of users. Once I opened up about the problems I was having with my own health, it was almost as if Wanngi had dropped out of the sky to solve every problem I had in terms of tracking my own information. Now that it’s launched, it’s changed everything for me. Finally, I have somewhere to jot down every symptom. It won’t get lost in my notes as it’s only made for the health information I add to it. I have somewhere to save the documents from every doctor visit so I can still keep them if I ever need them. I have somewhere to add the medications I’m currently using. Maree tells me that soon Wanngi will have reminders for Medications.   With Wanngi, I have somewhere to keep my information that I fully trust – because it’s not for anyone else to see but me. Of course, I can just take my phone into any appointment, open the app, and show my doctor the last day, week or month of symptoms on the timeline. But I don’t have to share it unless I want to. I’m in complete control, and I get to add info or take it out whenever I choose.

My health today – and does it matter that I opted out of My Health Record?

I wish I could say that my symptoms are all gone, that the doctors fixed me and I’m back to perfect health. I’m certainly not there yet, but I feel much more in control. It’s easy to manage alone so I haven’t lost any time for work – and I can still catch up with friends to discuss our travel plans, of course. At the moment I’m ok that I opted out of the My Health Record.  I’m going to watch this space when Wanngi is connected and see how convenient it would be to have the results of my hospital visit and tests also there.

Want to track your own personal health?

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