Manilla folders

How to keep track of My Medical Appointments

How do you keep track of your health documents after your doctors appointments?

We asked people this question recently in a survey.  In the US 47.6% stated that they use notes or a manilla folder.  In Australia 35.8% of people stated that they use notes or a manilla folder.

This is quite interesting as these same people are quite digital in all other aspects of their lives.  Why are they using this method.  When we asked them why they did this they stated that they were worried about security and privacy of their information. Which makes sense to them initially.  However, there are negatives such as loosing the notebooks and lugging around heavy documents.  Also, as we have seen in the recent bushfire crisis, critical personal information is lost when properties are lost.  If you are using electronic notebooks or email, these are not securely encrypted.

Locations for security medical information should be secure and private and be 100% HIPAA-compliant.

With Wanngi you can securely store all your health, set medication reminders, track your symptoms, manage medical and fitness information in one secure HIPAA Compliant protected health information storage location.

So if you want to use a more secure location for your notes from your doctors visits, this is where Wanngi comes in.  Your Doctor’s office has your personal health records, but its good to create one for yourself too. Wanngi allows you to upload all your medical records and past/current health information in one paperless location. You can then share it from your phone to a medical professional or to another location. And communicate more effectively with doctors and see important trends in your health while you’re sick, such as your very own symptom timeline

So, how do you get a hold of your medical document? We won’t lie, it could potentially be a little tricky. The trouble is all of the healthcare systems are not as connected as they could be. Luckily, CNET Lists Wanngi as the top secure app to securely store keep track of your medical records.