News – December 2018 Wrap-up and Preview

Wanngi is still hoping for a 1st Qtr release

When I showed people a preview of the app on Sunday, I got some great feedback. They said, “Why isn’t it here already?” Our 1st quarter release in 2019 will allow for people to view their My Health Record as a source for their health history in the Wanngi app. We are waiting on government go ahead and hope to be ready for release at the end of the My Health Record opt out period.

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Wanngi team Wrap-up

The Wanngi team are continuing to innovate and plan the road-map for what we expect people will want to manage their health beginning 2019. We look forward to showing you the results of our work and you can preview it also soon.In the meantime, have a healthy, happy and safe Christmas.

The Wanngi Team

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