No Referral, No Medicare Rebate

Have you ever had an important medical document that could not be lost? 

I’m sure you have as an alarming 1 in 3 people lose their medical referrals yearly. Although this is a staggering statistic, it is very understandable with how busy life can get. 

If a referral is lost, destroyed or stolen, you are no longer eligible for the Medicare rebate for that visit. This can be a scary thing for many people as the Medicare rebate is what a lot of people rely on when visiting a doctor, especially a specialist. 

Something like a piece of paper can be so easily misplaced amongst the chaos. However, this no longer needs to be an issue, with Wanngi allowing you to take a photo or upload scanned medical documents to the app. 

Specialist Referrals
Store Specialist Referrals

But not only is it annoying when you lose your medical referrals, it can also become costly. 

With one million Australians already putting off seeing doctors simply because they cannot afford it, a lost referral is the last thing anyone needs. 

However, you no longer have to be caught out in not receiving your Medicare rebate or having added stress over losing medical documents, as Wanngi ensures your medical documents are not only secured but always accessible through the app, anytime or anywhere. 

Hence, by always having Wanngi and these medical records in your back pocket, this is ensuring the best for your medical and financial health. 

Start storing your specialist referrals in Wanngi Now!