Communicating and sharing with your doctor

Personal Health Records Are Changing Everything during COVID19

“In a chaotic healthcare system, the $23.6 billion electronic health records (EHR) industry offers a route towards streamlined patient-doctor interactions.”

That’s a quote from a report from Publicis Health, showing that it’s clear electronic health records are the future of healthcare.

Patient needs are becoming increasingly complex

“As patient needs are becoming increasingly complex, physicians are struggling to keep up,” the report said.

Electronic health records, particularly personal health records, allow for people like you or me to provide our doctors with a detailed medical history. This has become increasingly necessary with the convenience and safety of Telehealth consults during the Covid19 Pandemic.

Innovative apps like Wanngi provide a secure mobile solution for accessing these records, anywhere, anytime.

Contribute to you own health and medical data

Wanngi goes beyond this, by allowing people to contribute to their own health and medical data – for instance tracking symptoms or keeping a record of their fitness activities. This gives doctors a much fuller and complete picture of our health – wellness and illness combined.

Wanngi lets you add everything from doctor reports to patient-generated content to their health record such as tracking symptoms and injuries. Wanngi allows people to contribute their own facts to their personal health record, which in turn allows doctors to do what they do best.

Imagine presenting your doctor with a timeline of your symptoms and latest health history! How much easier will it be for them to connect the dots between these and make a more accurate diagnosis. And during a telehealth consult where you sometimes may not know the doctor this can be critical.

A personal health record means doctors can personalise diagnosis, treatment and recovery, and is the beginning of this social change where people like us are in control of their health data.

With a combination of user generated data and a complete medical history, apps like Wanngi are creating the social change that will define the future of healthcare.

Next time you are asked “tell me whats been happening” you will no longer hesitate or wonder where to start, especially if you have a long history of chronic illness.