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The partners have received private funding over three years to pilot the program in a Western Australian community and kicked off the new service just before Easter.

PULSE+IT – Health management app Wanngi has undergone a complete redesign with new features added, including the ability to store and display COVID-19 test results and vaccination details along with medical history, medications and diagnostic images.

Start-up Practice Innovators (PII Australia) has joined forces with health management platform Wanngi to launch a private telehealth service to serve Australia’s aboriginal communities.

Q&A session with our CEO and Founder, Maree beare and Tim Ladhams from Inside Small Business

  • During a Telehealth consultation, there is no easy way for people to provide their health history!

A survey conducted over the last week indicates Australian people are worried about the health impacts of bushfire smoke?

Maree Beare, health tech expert and founder of health app Wanngi has recognised that there’s a global change on the horizon in a recent article about social media cancer cures in The Australian.

A recent study has revealed that when healthcare consumers contribute to their own health record, they feel reassured and the process improves doctor-patient relationships.
Australians will be shocked to realise that many organisations have easy access to their health information – but they don’t get that same access, nor can they check if it is always correct.

Wanngi has been named in the Forbes top 50 women-led startups disrupting HealthTech, showing the Australian company is becoming a growing influence in the digital health sector.

My Health Record is being used by thousands of healthcare providers around the country but innovative Australian startup Wanngi is the first to give individuals a way to contribute to their own personal health record.

Exclusivity is not the path forward for health information, so Australian health app Wanngi is taking on Apple Health by being the only app that gives Australians access to their own personal health record on any device or operating system.

Download the company profile to learn about the Wanngi Health Management Platform and its CEO and Founder, Maree Beare.

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Don’t Just Survive, Thrive” podcast of 2021 #thespotlightseries discussing Wanngi’s purpose and startup journey. About Wanngi “Thriving” and scaling in bringing consumer health to healthcare. This year Wanngi collaborations in Telehealth and clinical trials, consumers can help drive improvements in ongoing healthcare management. Apple: Spotify: Buzzsprout 

The OceanRiders PodcastEpisode 48: Meet Maree Beare – Founder and CEO of Wanngi, Savvy Entrepreneur, and a Driven Surfer

How to improve your chances of an accurate diagnosisListen to this new Podcast with Fractal, Gerard Doyle, and Wanngi CEO Maree Beare“How to launch a product with a latent need” Discussing the consumer move to manage their health digitally”

 Mental Health Conversations – Maree Beare – Founder & CEO at Wanngi on Creating a Social Movement App displaying Health Records

Talking Healthtech Podcast – How many places are your healthcare information kept? Wouldn’t it be great if you could view it all in one spot? Healthtech start up Wanngi is taking on the bold journey to attempt to do just that

Speaking Events

Feb 2021 – AI in Healthcare – AI solving problems for patients 

The event was the first of our 2021 series of sector driven gatherings designed to encourage the adoption of AI technologies within our industries and promote the sustainable growth of a strong Queensland AI ecosystem. 

August 2020 – Rising Stars in Healthtech  – Online with General Assembly

Advice on healthtech and insights about innovations in the health care industry and the importance of fostering community and collaboration in the healthtech space;

April 2020 – How Healthtech can assist traditional healthcare providers  – so they can provide more attention to COVID-19 patients 

How Healthtech are adapting with the uncertainty of COVID-19, what they are doing to contribute to help containment, and how FemTech / HealthTech can support traditional healthcare services during a health crisis

The Rise of Femtech  – Changing Women’s Health 

All About wearables  – What does the future look like for consumers and their health?

Imagine a future where, no matter where you are in the world, you and your doctor will have access to your health information. Wanngi is attempting to solve the problem where people have incomplete access to their health information. The impact is they don’t have it on hand to self-monitor, to help themselves communicate to their doctors, and improve their chances of being diagnosed.

Venture Cafe – Day in the Life

WFH Series  – Future of Femtech