Medical Selfies - Patients Want More.

“My Health Record should consider ways to integrate patient-generated health data.”

A recent study has revealed that when healthcare consumers contribute to their own health record, they feel reassured and the process improves doctor-patient relationships.

It shows consumers would greatly benefit from a health record that allows them to upload their own medical information.

In a global first, Wanngi is giving everybody the chance to track symptoms and injuries, which includes ‘medical selfies’, upload medical documents such as pathology reports and scripts, get immunisation reminders and more, all available within one secure multi-platform app.

The QUT-led study headed by Dr Kara Burns trialed parents taking photos of their children’s wounds after surgery, and forwarding the photos to their surgeons in order to monitor recovery, and found doing so was highly empowering.

“Consumers feel this data is valuable, it helps them have a sense of autonomy in their care, improves their view of the service they are being provided, and it enhances the relationship between doctor and patient because there is a sense of mutual respect and communication,” states the studies lead, Dr Kara Burns.

While Dr Burns and her team discover and discuss the benefits of having patients generate their own health data, health app Wanngi is ahead of the curve, giving people the ability to do just that.

“This study adds to a body of research that shows there are benefits for clinicians and also for patients in engaging with this kind of patient or carer-generated information,” Dr Burns said.

Wanngi is the modern solution for people who want the option of being empowered in their treatment by contributing their own health data to their recovery.
Its personal health record feature is perfect for those who opted out of My Health Record and are looking for a secure way to store their own health data.

With Wanngi already being recognised in the media by companies such as Forbes, Pulse+IT and Women of Wearables, it’s becoming a powerful force in the personal health record sector. With more customers signing up to the app every day. it’s clear that consumers are ready to take charge of their own health.

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